Other Criminal Law Services

Other Criminal Law Services

  • Sentence Modifications
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  • Expungement
  • Sealing of Criminal Records

Expungments and Sealing of Arrest/Conviction Records

Finding a job today can be one of the most difficult and grueling tasks for an individual. With all of the overbearing obstacles, the last thing that should stand in your way is your criminal background. If your criminal history was a lifetime ago, or if your history is nothing more than an acquittal, it can be the biggest roadblock in your path to finding a job.

Indiana law now allows people who have minor criminal history to restrict access to their criminal records. This means that the state will not be allowed to share your records with any non-governmental organizations and some individual with prior Felony convictions can honestly state on a job application that you have not been convicted of a Felony. If any of the following applies to you, you may be eligible to restrict access to your arrest, conviction, and incarceration records:

  • There was dismissal of the charges filed against you
  • There was no conviction due to the completion of a Pre-Trial Diversion Program
  • You were convicted of a nonviolent misdemeanor or class D felony and completed your sentence at least eight years ago without committing any more felonies.
  • You have not had any criminal trouble for 8 years since completing your sentence.

Additionally your criminal background may be eligible for Expungement. An Expungement actually requires that the state to destroy all records of your arrest. You may be qualify for an Expungment if:

  • Formal charges were never field against you.
  • Charges that were filed were later dropped for various reasons.

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