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Criminal Appeals

It is important to know that new evidence cannot be introduced to the Indiana Court of Appeals. The Court of Appeals determines whether there was any error in the prosecution of your case. There can be several reasons why your case may be appealed to the Indiana Court of Appeals – The Judge overseeing the case may have misapplied the law, issues with the testimony of witnesses, or there may be issues with the evidence that was admitted, as well as the evidence that was excluded.

If you are convicted of a crime in Indiana you have a constitutional right to appeal the conviction and sentence. Often times many individuals are not aware of the different situations that may be appealed throughout their criminal conviction. Such situations can be paramount to the outcome, such as reducing sentences, felony convictions, and even overturning convictions entirely.

Civil Appeals

Most civil court judgments, including the awarding of child support, awarding of child custody, termination of parental rights, property distribution, whether won or lost, can be appealed. Civil appeals, much like criminal appeals, are generally based on legal errors such as misapplication of the law, and inadequate evidentiary rulings or complications with constitutional shields.

Even if the Court of Appeals’ decision is not favorable, it is not always the last recourse. You may still be able to seek a remedy for your case from the Indiana Supreme Court through a Petition to Transfer

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